Richard Sherman: Patrick Peterson Is A Way Better Athlete Than Me


Richard Sherman knows what he’s doing.

Sherman and his Seattle Seahawks will face off with the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night football.  Two of the participants in the ballgame, Sherman and Patrick Peterson, get mentioned daily when it comes to talk of the leagues best corner.

Sherman who is considered by many to be the best corner in the league right sort of paid Peterson a compliment when he stated that the Cardinals corner “is a way better athlete than he is.”

He’s a way better athlete than I am,” Sherman said. “He moves better and he’s faster. He has so much speed that it allows him to play a little differently than I do. I have to play straight technical football. He gets to play a little looser because he can recover in a flash and get back in a play.”

Sherman who is a Stanford grad put his intelligent boastfulness on full display with that comment.

In more layman terms, Sherman basically said that he’s the best corner in the league because he watches tape, is technically sound, and highly intelligent.

So just imagine how good Sherman would be if he had Peterson’s athletic ability?