Rick Pitino: Louisville 1Yr Away From “Mini-Dynasty”

Rick Pitino

The Louisville Cardinal basketball team, led by head coach Rick Pitino, is the reigning NCAA basketball champs and have made back to back Final Four appearances.

After returning several key players from last year’s championship team, Rick Pitino is looking forward to this season and the possibility of building a “mini-dynasty.”

“It’s going to be an exciting season,” the Louisville head coach said at a luncheon. “We are one year away from a potential mini-dynasty – one year.”

“These guys are totally committed — totally bought into trying to do it again,” Pitino said. “Now does it take a little luck? Sure it does. But it takes more than luck. It takes talent, it takes focus, and it takes humility. These guys have it.

“If these players rise to the occasion once again — win another conference championship, go back to the Final Four — it takes three to have the makings of a dynasty.”

I know one team in the state that might take a little pride in derailing Pitino’s hopes.

John Calipari