Rob Gronkowski Says There’s No Pressure From Patriots To Play


The New England Patriots have been embroiled in a ton of drama this season, but Rob Gronkowski wants people to know that it’s not because of him.

After of rumors of contention and in-fighting last week, Gronkowski took steps Wednesday to put those things to rest.  While speaking to CSN New England, Gronk informed the media that everything is peachy, and there’s been no pressure from the Patriots for him to play.

No, not at all,” Gronkowski said, via Tom Curran of “Everything is great around here. . . .

“Definitely. We were on the same page from the get-to and we’re still on the same page. It’s going good. I’m progressing every week. I’m feeling better every week, getting stronger every week, getting in better condition every week. So I’m still sticking to the motto day-by-day.”

Gronkowski admitted that the toughest part of the whole situation is getting used to football related activities again.

“Just going out and practicing with the team is helpful every single week to get the chemistry back down, to get the timing of football down,” he said. “Being out of football, the first couple of days out there, I can’t lie, it was like, ‘Whoa, I feel like a rookie real quick,’ because the speed was so quick. But I’m catching up. Everything is going good and everyone is doing fine. It’s just a normal week, working hard and getting better.”