Roger Goodell Says NFL Looking to put Teams in Los Angeles & London

Roger Goodell


I mean I get wanting to put a team in Los Angeles but London? There’s a city due north called Toronto that would love to get in on the action but I guess the English have shown more interest in the sport…

According to a story courtesy Yahoo! Sports via ESPN, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told a forum for European NFL fans that Los Angeles and London are likely candidates to receive teams with neither city leading the race.

“It doesn’t matter,” Goodell said. “I’d love to be back in Los Angeles, but it has to be done the right way, we have to do it successfully. …

“I want both [cities], but it doesn’t matter which one is first.”

A few weeks ago Goodell suggested that placing a full-time team in London wasn’t in the league’s plans but he seems to have changed his tune a bit.

“[Y]ou could view it as a potential home city but a lot would have to happen before that could take place,” Goodell said.

New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys owners Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, are supporters of the idea of a foreign-based team with the latter stating recently that a team in London would bring some added excitement to the league.

“The look-see [in London] is to see if a segment of people in Britain can make it their team. In other words, can they buy into NFL and can they buy into the pride and support a franchise?” Jones said on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan, via CBS DFW. “London could be an expansion for the NFL. I like the idea. It adds a lot of ‘wow’ to the NFL.”

2 thoughts on “Roger Goodell Says NFL Looking to put Teams in Los Angeles & London

  • Everybody in Los Angeles knows that a NFL team ain’t coming to that city until a multi-billion dollar state of the art stadium is built first. That is the reason why both the Raiders and Rams left 18 years ago. Goodell and the owners could care less about L.A. They want London!

  • A quote from the late Art Modell, “Playing football in the Los Angeles Coliseum is like putting a new dress on a old hooker.”

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