Ron Jaworski Says LeSean McCoy Is Best RB In NFL


There’s nothing like listening to sports radio during a difficult ride home to help you figure out who the best running back in the NFL is.

Ron Jaworski thinks he knows.

During his regular Wednesday appearance for his radio show on 97.5 The Fanatic, JAworski got into conversation about the Eagles and the importance of LeSean McCoy.

A caller asked the former Eagles quarterback if he felt Shady could gain 1,000 yards on the season. ¬†Jaworski answered only “if he stays healthy, but I doubt it.”

After his co-host ask Jaworski why he was slighting the Eagles star running back, Jaworski responded, “I’m not slighting Shady McCoy, he’s the best running back in the NFL.”

We know Adrian Peterson is a martian and not of this world, but could LeSean McCoy really end the season as the best running back in the NFL?

Now about that ride home!