Santonio Holmes: ”I Can’t Throw The Ball To Myself And Catch It”


You want to know what’s better than a diva wide receiver explaining why he didn’t have any catches?

An injured wide receiver explaining why he only had one catch.

Two weeks after Hakeem Nicks told the media he can’t throw the ball to himself, following a blowout loss to the Panthers, injured Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes just did the same thing.

Holmes was asked about only having one catch during a blowout loss to the Titans.  Rather than simply blame it on the injured hamstring that’s going to cause him to miss a few weeks, Holmes went the diva route.

“I can’t throw it to myself and catch it, otherwise I would,” Holmes said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “I played 49 plays, and all I know is I had one catch. That’s all I can attest for. I just have to do my part, which is the position that I’m playing, which is primary X receiver, and a lot of times I get double-covered, taken out of plays, so the progression and the read from the quarterback have to go elsewhere.”

Holmes was targeted five times last week, and has been targeted a team-high 24 times for 10 catches.