Seahawks Doug Baldwin Believes Andrew Luck Can Be Best QB Ever


Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin didn’t want to come of like a homer when he was asked about his teams upcoming battle with Andrew Luck and the Colts this week.

Baldwin who was a college teammate of Luck’s thinks quite highly of his former college quarterback.  According to Pro Football Talk Baldwin believes “Luck can be the best to ever” play the position of quarterback.

“I’m on the record as saying that I believe that Andrew Luck can be the greatest quarterback to ever played the game of football,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin played two seasons with Luck at Stanford, and says it was there that he saw everything that he needed to see to know Luck would be a star.

“Andrew has everything that you want in a quarterback – both a pocket passer and a guy who is able to make plays on the run with his legs,” Baldwin said. “He’s smart, highly intelligent. I’ve seen him do some unbelievable things that I still can’t believe that a quarterback was able to do in practice at Stanford and obviously in games. I have tremendous respect for that guy.”

“He took control of a team that really didn’t have much around him and he took them to the playoffs. They didn’t have a defense and didn’t have a running game, but they made it to the playoffs. He had a whole bunch of fourth-quarter comeback victories.”