Shane Mosley Withdraws From Fight, But Still Got Paid $300k


This is what you call having a smart contract.

Mosley was supposed to fight Anthony Mundine in Australia tomorrow and be paid $1 million. Because the Australian promoter in Mosley’s mind was a little shady, the contract called for Mosley to get $300k in advance (non-refundable) and the rest before the fight.

Guess what happened?

Shane Mosley, saying that Millennium Events promoter Vlad Warton has breached his contract, withdrew from a junior middleweight fight with Anthony Mundine and left Australia on Monday.

The fight, for which there was virtually no public demand, had been in jeopardy since it was announced in late August. Even then there were issues over Mosley’s purse. He was due a $300,000 advance payment — a portion of his $1 million purse — but it was late being put into escrow, forcing the announcement of the fight to be delayed.

The rest of the purse was due to be paid in advance of the bout, but according to Mosley and his promoter, Golden Boy, the deadline was missed and the remainder still hadn’t been paid by Monday. Mosley will keep the nonrefundable $300,000.

So, basically Mosley got $300k to travel to Australia for a couple days. Good work if you can get it.