Should The Vikings Trade Adrian Peterson?

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings

To trade A.P. or not to trade A.P., that is question one local Minnesota Viking columnist has for the team.

Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote a column begging the Minnesota Vikings to trade away the best running back on the planet.

At this point, keeping Adrian Peterson on the Vikings is like putting a Mercedes hood ornament on a Plymouth.

In one respect, an NFL team isn’t all that different from any other business enterprise. As the song says: You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. When to walk to away and when to run.

Let’s hope Rick Spielman is limbering up.

Powers then went on to try and explain why the Vikings should part ways with Peterson now rather than later.  Powers compared an eventual decline in the 28 year old Peterson that backs such as Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, O.J. Simpson and Earl Campbell all experienced.

His point was that running back’s taking a pounding and the span of greatness, even for the legendary backs is 6-8 years best.

He’s wasting his prime here. And the Vikings need bulk, not one superstar player. So trading Peterson for enough components to jumpstart the team’s development is a sound strategy. It would be tremendously unpopular, of course. But it doesn’t make sense to keep Peterson around for what could be a drawn-out rebuilding process. The team already is a long ways off and likely will be without Jared Allen and Kevin Williams next season.

The Pioneer Press columnist then actually presented a rather intelligent argument when he stated that the Vikings should reverse the roles they were in during that awful trade for Herschel Walker, in which the Cowboys got the core pieces to three Super Bowls, and a decade of dominance.

Legend has it that Jimmy Johnson was out for a walk one October morning in 1989 when it hit him like a freight train: His Dallas Cowboys, 0-5 at the time, were hopeless. Johnson stopped dead in his tracks. Within seconds he decided to trade star running back Herschel Walker and use the proceeds to fast track the team’s development.

Several teams were interested, but the Vikings “won” the sweepstakes. With all those draft picks the Cowboys took from Minnesota they selected Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson and others who helped launch the Dallas dynasty.

Lets look at this intelligently,  before everyone deems Tom Power’s a trolling village idiot.  The Vikings with Peterson barreling towards another Pro Bowl season would only be 1-5 with a loss on Sunday.

Josh Freeman is starting, but is he the future?

If he is, then the Vikings are going to have to pony a nice $45-$60 million deal to keep him.  This is already a Vikings team in salary cap purgatory, and likely won’t be able to keep Jared Allen or several other high priced free agents.

So the question has been asked, should the Vikings trade Adrian Peterson, and is it as stupid an idea as many pundits and critics will suggest it might be?