Spurs Jeff Ayres Says Heat Players Were Trying To Take Out His Knees

Jeff Ayres Complains About Miami's Dirty Play.

You may remember him as Jeff Pendergraph.

The newly acquired Spur changed his last name a few days ago to Ayres.

The former Pacer played 20 minutes last night against Miami and felt some type of way about how they were playing him.

“That’s what it felt like,” Ayres said. “People were trying to take out my knees and stuff. I was like, it’s preseason take a chill pill.”

During garbage time of Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals, Ayres and Norris Cole got into a confrontation which resulted in both players getting ejected.

It’s difficult to imagine the Heat players saying before a preseason game they’re going to target Jeff Ayres knees but we’ll take Ayres word for it.