Steve Spurrier on Condi Rice on CFB Committee: “Why Not? She Plays A Little Golf”



Who knew that Condi Rice being floated out there for the new college football playoff committee would be such a lighting rod for crazy comments? Next up to fire some figurative shots at Rice is South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier:

A few things here. First, I think people are focused on the wrong thing here. All of these men are focusing on a woman breaking into the all boys club need to focus on how every rumored named has strong ties to a university. If you want to come after Rice, do it for the fact that she actually recruits for Stanford. Not because of her gender.

Also, I know the HBC is loved and probably has no worries right now but he should sit this one at and start preparing for that presser when he explains that Clowney is leaving school in the middle of the season.


  1. How is Spurrier taking shots at her by saying he doesn’t have a problem with her on the committee, to the author of this article you make no sense, you lump spurrier in with dye and pollack and give no explaination of how spurriers comments are a “shot” at conni, i think you think spurrier was being sarcastic when he really wasn’t.

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