Stripper Now Says Adrian Peterson Has 7 Kids With Multiple Women (Video)

When I wrote about should people care how many children Adrian Peterson has fathered while being engaged, I figured that would be the end of it.

But, one of Peterson’s baby mothers Erica Syion first claimed he was a sorry ass father and now says that AP has 7 kids by various women in the video below.

Is she attention whoring? Of course, should we maybe chill on acting like we know what type of person he is off the field, I think so.

Erica Syion 2

4 thoughts on “Stripper Now Says Adrian Peterson Has 7 Kids With Multiple Women (Video)

  • If AP’s a sorry ass father, then she’s a sorry-ass mother. What kind of mother strips?? Women and their double-standards smdh. If she knew he was a sorry father, then why did she open her legs to him?? Just like I thought, “Sorry-ass father”= “He won’t give me money to buy Gucci boots and Louis dresses, so I’m mad.”

    • Yes because good father meet their kids at death, then go to f-ball practice…

    • If she’s there for the child then being a stripper shouldn’t matter. She’s doing whatever she can to make a living for that child and herself. Assuming it is AP’s child is he there for the child? If not then he’s the dead beat dad.

  • Really….Do we want to listen to what a freakin’ STRIPPER has to say!!!

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