Stripper Who Has Adrian Peterson’s 5th Child Says He’s a Sorry Ass Father (Photos)

I wrote yesterday about should it matter if Adrian Peterson has secret kids spread out all over the country.  At the time, we only knew about 4 kids, but now a 5th one has come to light and an ex-stripper Erica Syion has a lot of say about Peterson’s parenting skills.

Erica SYioN

Here is what TMZ revealed about Peterson’s latest child.

A former dancer who worked at a gentlemen’s club in Dallas, TX. Erica and Adrian have a 4-year-old son together.

Sources connected to the situation tell us … the two have a financial arrangement, in which Adrian gives Erica money to pay for the kid’s schooling, as well as living expenses.

Here is what Erica had to say about AP on her Twitter Account.

Erica SYioN Adrian Peterson 4

Erica SYioN Adrian Peterson 3

Erica SYioN Adrian Peterson 2

Erica SYioN Adrian Peterson

For the record Peterson has five children ages 6, 4, 2 (the one who lives with him and his fiancee), 2 (the child that passed away) and 3-months. Peterson is currently engaged and been with his current fiancee for many years.

Peterson  claims he is a Man of God, so when you put yourself on such a high pedestal, you can’t be surprised when people will attempt to show the real you.

While there are two sides to every story, you don’t know who these guys are off the field, so stop idolizing them.

4 thoughts on “Stripper Who Has Adrian Peterson’s 5th Child Says He’s a Sorry Ass Father (Photos)

  • Wow, Adrian must have had a lot of karma coming his way because they’re coming all out of the woodworks now while this little spotlight is still shining. I don’t care about the irresponsible adult men and women involved, it’s the children who suffer in the end. One is deceased for Pete’s sake, he can’t get his life back. Adrian is a rich football player who won the MVP last season, kind of hard to feel sorry for any of them. I only feel for the kids.

  • Still not gonna judge him. And the last one lost me when she said she lives in Atlanta. Enough to keep anyone away.

  • This is the reason I can’t stand the majority of black women!! They are such attention whores that are quick to bash their own black men whenever a camera is around. These women know these men have several children but still get pregnant by them and expect us to sympathize. Fuck the American court system because if a woman gets pregnant by a man that’s financially secure, she can stop working but will earn a salary from child support payments. Women should be required to continue being proactive and progressive with their lives and livelihood, especially the black ones. Contrary to popular belief, most of the time, black fathers are fulfilling their obligations and duties as parents but because they refuse to have relationships with the black mothers, they’re unfairly placed in the court system. Have you noticed the white mother of Peterson’s dead child hasn’t been in media bashing him even though they weren’t together? But his other BLACK baby momma, Erica Syion, who has nothing to do with the tragedy, is seizing the opportunity as a platform to share her destructive and slanderous thoughts. If you’re an athlete impregnating black women pregnant in 2013, you’re a fucking idiot. That’s the quickest way to get railroaded. It’s disgusting to watch Erica Syion pretend to care about Peterson’s other children. Peterson is the most talented idiot in the world for impregnating these dumb strippers. Furthermore, based on the logic or lack thereof of these whores and the court system, if Peterson is diligently paying child support, what’s the problem?? He’s only doing what’s legally required of him. THESE SEX ADDICTED BLACK MEN NEED TO THINK WITH THEIR BRAINS INSTEAD OF THE PENIS. In all honestly, Peterson’s intricate situation is mostly a black American problem. You rarely see white athletes with multiple children being bashed by the white mothers or having highly publicized custody battles. Why is that? White people have more respect for each other!!!!! Controversial thoughts from a black man disgusted with the black community. Follow me on twitter @iamsinimatik

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