Suh Fined $31,500 For Hit on Brandon Weeden


NFL Fines supposedly go to charity. These charities could fund themselves for years based on Lions DT Ndamukong Suh’s fines. Suh has been fined again, this time for a hit on Brandon Weeden:

We knew something could come from this when VP of Officials Dean Blandino was heard saying this:

“No. 90 hits the quarterback, lowers his head, and it was not called. [It’s a] potential helmet to the body,” Blandino told a room full of NFL executives Monday

Suh has accumulated over $200,000 in fines over his career. For what it’s worth, the play was not flagged on the field. At this point though, Suh has lost all benefit of the doubt and will be fined regardless. Looking at the hit below though, I don’t know if this is worth $31,500. I’m sure he will appeal.


One thought on “Suh Fined $31,500 For Hit on Brandon Weeden

  • I hope he does appeal because I believe they’re just being bullies now. He might as well not play anymore if they’re going to call every hit a “dirty” one so they can fine him.

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