Surfer Anastasia Ashley Took a Kim K Style Butt Pic (Photo)


When Kim K posted her fabulous post-baby body from the back, Twitter and Instagram lost their minds, but Kim isn’t the only one that thinks she’s packing from the back. Surfer Anastasia Ashley took to the Instagram with a butt pic of her own and since she decided to wear an all white leotard like Kim, I’m going to say it’s fair to compare the two women.




Now certainly Anastasia’s body seems to be more defined than Kim’s and while she isn’t lacking completely in the butt department, she certainly doesn’t have Kim K’s backside. Kim is the more voluptuous of the two and right now, that’s what men seem to think is sexy. We certainly know that more and more women have resorted to getting butt injections in order to have a desirable backside. Kim K is also certainly more endowed in the bust area so overall the winner of who wore the white leotard best would have to go to Kim K. It’s not a complete loss for Ashley however. At least she can say she never smashed Ray J.

6 thoughts on “Surfer Anastasia Ashley Took a Kim K Style Butt Pic (Photo)

  • This site loves white girls. It’s like these cats go out of their way to find white girls who have bodies like black women.

    • Well people can like whoever they please, it’s none of our business. There are plenty white girls with butts and curves too, no hate here. But I agree. Even if the body parts are fake **cough** Kim. Subtle shade outside of Pilar Sanders and a few athletes is thrown at the black one’s. I think it’s the inferior complex people have about black women’s looks? Only time black women’s bodies are posted is under the articles of groupie tales being labeled strippers and prostitutes **smh**

  • It’s like these beckys go out of their way to find the best plastic surgeon to get fake ass and fake breasts. Paul Mooney said, “Everybody wants to be black but nobody wants to be black”

  • This thinly-veiled hate and envy when non-black females are acknowledged for having nice bodies is both sad and amusing.

  • Glad I’m color blind. Also glad that I dream, and when I dream, I dream in color.

  • she has a slim figure,I want to know where to buy a bikini like her,

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