Terrell Suggs: Ravens In ‘A State Of Emergency’ after loss to Steelers


Every season you can count on the winner or the runner up in the Super Bowl having some type of hangover from participating in the sports biggest game.

The Baltimore Ravens are the first defending champion with a losing record after seven games since the 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers got awful a similar awful start.

The Ravens are now 3-4, two games behind the first place Bengals as they head into their bye week.  After giving up 141 yards rushing to the Steelers, star linebacker Terrell Suggs spoke out about the teams issues.

“I’m very concerned,” Suggs said after the game, per CSN Baltimore. “It’s been very rare with this franchise that we’ve been under .500. It’s happened at a perfect time for us to address everything. We have a tremendous amount of work to do.”

Asked what needed to be adjusted, Suggs said, “That’s definitely something in-house. I’m not going to give something out for my opponents to say, ‘Let’s see if they correct it.’ We know what we gotta fix – special teams, offense, defense. We’re at a state of emergency now.”

“Every time I line up, I expect to win,’’ Suggs said. “There’s no doubt about it. I play to win. This is sickening, this is disgusting. It’s time for all of us to take a good look at ourselves.”