Texans Plan to Punish Anyone Burning Matt Schaub’s Jersey

Schaub Burn Jersey

While I think burning jerseys is one of the stupidest things to do on the planet, I believe the Texans have more things to worry about than playing Hall Monitor to fans who want to do that.

With that being said, they will have Top Flight Security of the World watching over tailgates, to make sure more Schaub jerseys aren’t sent to the gates of hell.

TMZ spoke with a member of the Texans organization who tells us … the team decided it needed to take action after watching a viral YouTube video which featured a bunch of fans flaming up a #8 jersey in the stadium parking lot after the team lost to the Seahawks last weekend. 

We’re told the team is making a concerted effort to “do a better job monitoring the people who tailgate” because jersey fires are a direct violation of the stadium’s open flame policy.