The Real Reason Why 50 Cent is Trying to Expose Mayweather’s New Lady


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As men we have rules that we are suppose to abide by.

One of those rules is not speaking about another’s man lady publicly.   Doesn’t matter if she is the wife, the girlfriend, the mistress or the jump off, that information is suppose to be locked in the vault.

It’s messy and something that you expect from females, not grown men.

50 Cent though at times acts like an emotional female and decided to go on a crusade against one of Floyd Mayweather’s new ladies Queen Princess (photos above).

50 Cent Floyd Mayweather 50 Cent Floyd Mayweather 2

Jocks and Stiletto Jill let’s us know that THOT stands for (That Ho Over There). 50 implies that Princess and Ray J use to have thing together.

50 Cent Ray J Floyd Mayweather

The whole thing is silly and childish, but if you want to know why it is happening I have an answer for you.

Read this….

How 50 Cent Tried to Screw Floyd Mayweather & Al Haymon; Jailhouse Letter Leaked

Simply put 50 Cent tried to hop on the Money train while Floyd was in jail and take over The Money Team, but Floyd is no fool and saw what was going on.

He declined 50’s offer and 50 like a hurt girlfriend has been lashing out ever since. While Floyd has flourished since his release from prison, 50’s boxing promotional company has been average at best.

That is the real reason he is being so petty and frankly it doesn’t make Floyd or Ray J look bad, just him.

24 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why 50 Cent is Trying to Expose Mayweather’s New Lady

  • Don’t understand the whole thing….Queen Princess is not Floyd’s lady..I guess…He’s with Ms Jackson….so who cares who Queen is dealing with…..I wil say this Queen Princess is fine….no doubt

  • Wrong information.

    50 and floyd were supposed to be business partners for their new boxing promotion company TMT promotions. Once Floyd went to jail, 50 had to resume duties. He tried to get TMT and Mayweather promotions to be a legal verified business (which it was noT). he also signed fighters to the brand, but apparently floyd didn’t approve of those fighters, and the way he allocated the money. this caused both of them to fallout, and 50 to create SMS Promotions.

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