Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera to Undergo Groin Surgery Tuesday


Detroit Tigers 3rd baseman Miguel Cabrera will undergo surgery on his strained groin that hampered him in the playoffs on Tuesday. Cabrera reportedly played through a grade 2 strain.

Per ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, Miggy had this to say when asked about the decision to play through the injury:

Those are decisions you have to make sometimes, if not it affects your future. If not, it could hurt your career, and that’s what I based my decision on. I consulted with the team and made this decision personally so I could keep playing with the team. I tried to [play hurt] to take advantage of the chance we had in the playoffs, because with so many good teams you never know when a chance like this will come along. It took me eight or nine years to get back in the playoffs and I wanted to be back there and help the team win.”

I can always respect a player who puts winning above even their own health.

The Tigers should be on the short-list of World Series contenders next season. Their decision on who will be the next manager, is a key piece to the puzzle though.