Tony Romo On Broncos’ Secondary: “They Grab & They Hold”


Let me find out Tony Romo knows how to work a referee like the zen master of old.

The Cowboys will face the Broncos on Sunday in what is essentially a must win for the Cowboys.  Romo has watched Denver on tape and notices one constant.

“They grab and hold” according to Romo.

Romo possibly trying to influence the refs early, fired a shot at the Broncos defensive backs when he said “they’re really good with their hands.”

“They grab, they hold, they’ve almost put a lot of pressure on the refs – whether or not they’re going to call the game close or not,” Romo said on a conference call with reporters in Denver. “If they get called once or twice, that’s a good thing. But they’re all over guys as far as using the little tricks, I guess you could say, that good linebackers and good secondaries use when they’re playing man coverage.”

Romo said he didn’t think the Broncos had been “exposed with a lot of penalties.”