Tony Romo’s Critical 4th QT INT and Jerry Jones’ Reaction (Video)


Tony Romo Meme

Romo had a great game, but you simply can’t make these type of critical mistakes. You can speak on how Romo kept them in the game, but you can’t ignore that these type mistakes have happened way too often during his career.


  1. I agree that our defense was horrible and Romo played lights out. But how many times have we seen Romo do this late when games are on the line? I understand that without Romo we probably wouldn’t be in some of those games but if you’re gonna choke it up in the end anyway then what does it matter?

  2. Yeah Romo is a good quarterback, yeah there were some coaching mistakes, yeah, yeah , yeah. Bottom-line is he had a man wide open in the middle of the field and instead opted to throw to a receiver in triple coverage. That is on him 100%.

    • This is not the first time that Romo has made a critical error in a critical situation. A fact that is way to common in his career. He has all the statistics but does not own anything of significance either in something like divisional wins, playoff victories and the big time Super Bowl. Indianapolis got rid of Manning who still has some good years left for Andrew Luck who is making them serious contenders. That is what Dallas should have opted for. Start with a quality QB and build for the future.

  3. How bout the announcer’s getting their players mixed up. This douche says “Tony Romo and the Broncos are set up with a minute 57 to play…”

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