Tyrann Mathieu Deals With Wild Pigs in His Neighborhood With a Baseball Bat


I am proud of Honey Badger. So far he has been nothing but a model citizen and excellent player for the Cardinals. With that being said, the pigs should watch out if they dare step foot on his property.

Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu has a plan for dealing with the javelinas — a wild pig with a bad attitude in case you’re not the Animal Planet type— that roam into his neighborhood at the foot of the mountains outside Phoenix.

“I only seen one this time, but there have been a few occasions when I’ve seen a whole gang of them,” Mathieu said of the boars, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “I live right there on the mountain, and they come down at night.”

So how does one protect himself against a pack of wild javelina?

“Get a baseball bat,” Mathieu said. “Run ’em off. They won’t turn on me. I’ve got the baseball bat. I used to play baseball, man.”