UCLA’s Jim Mora Jr Would Hire Lane Kiffin

UCLA v Washington State


Jim Mora Jr knows a thing or two about being fired, especially since he was cut loose from the Seahawks which is his hometown team. So he has a soft spot for the situation his friend Lane Kiffin has found himself in after being fired at the airport by rival USC:

 “Yeah, but I don’t have a position on my staff,” he said. “I love my staff. I’ve got Noel Mazzone as my offensive coordinator. In my opinion, he’s one of the best in the business. We’ve got great staff chemistry. If there’s ever a situation where Lane was available and he was interested and there was a position available, he’s a guy anyone would want to consider.

“He’s a good football coach. He’s a really good play-caller. I’ve had to scheme up against him on defense, and when he’s got the quarterback he thinks can make it happen for him, he’s tough to defend, because he’s not predictable. He gives you wrinkles and he sets you up, and he’s a good play-caller.”

Honestly, I think he is just trying to be nice to his friend. If other coaches stick up for him publicly, it will increase his chances of swindling someone else into hiring him. It’s also really convenient to say that when you don’t have any staff opening.