UT Mike Davis on Dirty Hit: “If the DB’s loafing, he deserves to get cut”


Mike Davis

Last Thursday night against Iowa State, Texas Longhorns WR Mike Davis delivered a dirty hit that should have got him thrown out of the game and suspended. Instead nothing happened and Mack Brown said today that he had been “reprimanded.” Obviously whatever Mack did wasn’t enough because here is what Davis had to say about the hit:

Wow talk about not getting it. It wasn’t that bad? This is a real bad look for him and he will end up forcing Mack Brown’s hand to suspend him. In case you need a refresher, here is the hit:


  1. ” Obviously whatever Mack did wasn’t enough”

    Mack Brown didn’t do sh!t. The Big XII reprimanded him. That’s the extent of justice in this league. If the roles were reversed, the ISU player likely would’ve been excommunicated from football. And Davis is still running his mouth, AFTER the reprimand. Will the lapdogs down at the Longhorn XII conference do anything to one of it’s premier ($$$) schools? Ha!

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