Vikings-Giants MNF Game Had Better Ratings Than World Series

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At this point, we all know (not everyone is willing to admit) that football is America’s pastime and favorite sport. If you still wondered, that really bad Vikings-Giants game from Monday had better ratings than Game 1 of the World Series:

The latest demonstration of that fact is pointed out by our friends at Hardball Talk, who note that the Vikings-Giants game on ESPN on Monday night had a higher overnight rating than Game One of the World Series on FOX on Wednesday night. (Vikings-Giants had a 9.5 overnight rating, World Series Game One had a 9.4.)

For baseball, a 9.4 is actually pretty good. The fact remains though that even bad football is more popular than baseball’s most important game, even when two of the most popular teams are involved.

2 thoughts on “Vikings-Giants MNF Game Had Better Ratings Than World Series

  • Baseball may not be as popular, but the avereage baseball player makes alot more money than the average football player. Children, put down the helmets and the footballs and pick up a bat and glove and play ball!

    P.S. If Clayton Kershaw gets his $300 million dollar contract, tell all children to stop playing football ASAP!

    • In baseball you only have to pay between 10 and 15 players. In football you have to pay between 50 and 60 players, plus a 100 man staff team. It’s a rarity to get those crazy contracts in baseball. Football hands down is the richest sport.

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