Warren Sapp Said He Encouraged and Paid Fines For Teammates Illegal Hits


Warren Sapp F-Bomb NFL Network

Pro Football Zone has the video from the Dan Patrick Show of Warren Sapp explaining how the bounty system worked in his day.

“I used to have $5,000 waiting for anybody that hit somebody and got a fine because we needed to protect the middle of the field,” he said.

Sapp was then asked how many times he paid for other player’s fines.

“At least six,” replied Sapp.

Even though Sapp never said he targeted an individual receiver, he did “have money on the table” to hit receivers illegally.

Sapp spent freely during his time in the NFL, it might explains why he had some issues with his money after he retired. I am sure these type of things are still going on, but just in secret, because you don’t want Goodell to come calling.


  1. Well, that makes him a lying hypocrite!!! When “Bountygate” was all the rage, he lambasted the Saints!!! And here you have him admitting to paying fines for illegal hits. What’s the difference?

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