Was Steve Spurrier Drunk During His Weekly Show (Video)


Every week after South Carolina games, Steve Spurrier does a recap of the game on “The Steve Spurrier Show” Sunday. This Sunday he appeared to be a bit wasted when trying to describe RB Mike Davis and FB Connor McLaurin’s good play. His response to the whole situation after the show was taken down from South Carolina’s website doesn’t exactly help anyone this he wasn’t drunk:

“Whether or not I have a few beers after every game for the past 29 years I don’t think I need to get into all that. Most coaches that I know we probably do have a few beers after ballgames after building up all week and so forth. But that was a draining day and I got too negative. I don’t like being that negative after a victory.”

When asked if he was impaired, Spurrier replied, “I hope not.”

Listen at this point in his career and life, he deserves to have a few if he wants. It’s a little strange to then do a television show after though. Was he drunk? You be the judge.