‘We Want Bama’ Shirts Being Sold on Oregon Campus (Photo)


The college football season is well underway, and as of right now, Alabama is ranked #1 and the Oregon Ducks are #2. The Ducks have dominated offensively scoring over 50 points on all opponents except the then ranked #16 Washington where the final score was 45-24.

Bleacher Report now has gotten wind of the latest on the Ducks’ campus, where ‘We Want Bama’ tshirts are being sold. Last year Oregon lost the chance at a national title game when the they went down at home against the Stanford Cardinals. The tshirts may be a little premature since they still have to play #9 UCLA and #13 Stanford in the coming weeks. Either way back-to-back BCS Champions Alabama doesn’t seem to even slightly be bothered by the Ducks.

One thought on “‘We Want Bama’ Shirts Being Sold on Oregon Campus (Photo)

  • Last season, Notre Dame wanted Alabama. Notre Dame got Alabama and they also got a old fashion grid iron butt whoopin. Is this what Oregon really wants?

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