What Dez Bryant Said During One of His Sideline Rants (Video)

Dez Bryant Struggle

If you read my article about Bryant’s “Positive Passion”, you could have already predicted this. It isn’t what Dez Bryant said, it is more about him not understanding no one is going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I salute you if you were one of the people who showed patience and didn’t crucify him, but he still needs to be more aware that the cameras are always on him and he needs to tone down it down a bit.  You can be passionate and all that good stuff, without making a scene.

He could have said the exact same thing to Romo without the theatrics and if you watch the video once he calms down they are able to have a lot more productive meeting.

We don’t know what was said between of Dez and Witten (curiously that audio wasn’t released), but positive or not, he needs to dial it back some and use that “passion” on the field.

2 thoughts on “What Dez Bryant Said During One of His Sideline Rants (Video)

  • Weak sauce, u gotta show passion to get people inspired, fuck the cameras Romo’s isn’t a gamer

  • He may need to dial it down but it seems to me the rest of the team needs to dial it up….And I still say if he was white and a QB we would not be having this topic would not be entertained.

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