Willis McGahee Says The “Sky’s The Limit” For The Browns (Video)


Kudos to the Browns for telling the truth when they told everyone that the franchise was not in tank mode after pulling the trigger on a blockbuster trade that sent Trent Richardson to Indianapolis.

Richardson is gone, and the Browns are 3-0 since making the deal.  One big reason for the new-found success in Cleveland is the play of his replacement, Willis McGahee.

McGahee has been on some pretty good teams over the years while playing the running back for hire role.  During an appearance on Pro Football Talk, McGahee said he likes what he’s seen on this team, and said “the sky is the limit for the Browns.”

“Sky’s the limit for us,” McGahee told PFT Live on Wednesday.  “Sky’s the limit for me.”

McGahee said he’ll be back to 100-percent football shape in “another week or two,” and that his late arrival will help him go farther late in the year, when folks who have been grinding since August are more fatigued and beat up.

McGahee was asked to compare this Browns team to other one teams he’s been apart of that made late runs towards the playoffs.

Not surprisingly, he referred back to a recent season in Denver with Tim Tebow and his magical 8 game run.

“The Browns compare to my first year in Denver when those guys were young,” McGahee said.  “They had a vet, which was Champ Bailey but it shows the same characteristics.  Young, everyone being together, we weren’t winning at first but the we started winning.  Once you believe, you believe.”