Women’s Final Four Might Change to a Friday-Sunday Schedule

NCAA Women's Championship Game - Notre Dame v Baylor


According to a change approved by the Division 1 Women’s Basketball Committee, the NCAA Women’s Final Four could move to a Friday-Sunday schedule as early as 2015. This means the NCAA women’s championship game would be played on the Sunday before the men’s game as opposed to the Tuesday after.

Carolayne Henry, the committee chair and senior associate commissioner/senior woman administrator for the Mountain West Conference had this to say.

“The atmosphere on the Final Four weekend is something we can continue to capitalize on. As we grow, we can look to see if we want to be a stand-alone entity. For
now, we want to take advantage of the excitement around basketball that takes place on that weekend.”

This was a smart decision by the Division I Women’s Basketball Committee. Naturally the men’s game will attract more viewers so it makes more sense for the NCAA to show the women’s game first.