A-Rod Caught Allegedly Having Sex in Ladies Bathroom


For the longest time I always thought Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez only liked blondes, but according to the New York Daily News there may be some hope for the brunette community. It is being reported that Arod apparently was caught having sex with an unidentified female at a trendy South Beach hotel early Sunday morning.

A guest says that Arod was seen with a brunette outside of the elevators in a very passionate embrace. After several minutes of this escapade the couple decided to take it to the women’s bathroom and were not to be seen for at least 20 minutes later when another hotel guest interrupted them.

A rep for the Delano Hotel, where Arod was staying, left this comment:

“We don’t comment on guests on property. The property has no knowledge of the situation in question on Saturday evening.”

Of course, Arod’s girlfriend Torrie Wilson is definitely not a brunette. In fact, the former WWE star and Playboy model is known for her golden tresses.  No one from Arod’s camp has commented on his recent promiscuous behavior.

3 thoughts on “A-Rod Caught Allegedly Having Sex in Ladies Bathroom

  • Well Arod is single so nothing wrong with having fun……probably should avoid public bathrooms though…IJS

    • …probably should avoid having sex in public bathrooms…..

    • You can’t read? It clearly says his girlfriend is blonde, Torrie Wilson. Not that brunette in the story…

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