A-Rod’s Lawyer Wants The Feds To Investigate MLB

Alex Rodriguez


The madness never ends.

In a move that should come as no surprise one of A-Rod’s lawyers, Lenny Davis wants the feds to investigate Major League Baseball for misconduct in their hunt to dig up evidence on Alex Rodriguez, via the NY Post:

 “I repeat my request that U.S. authorities should initiate an investigation as to whether any federal crimes have been committed by MLB investigators as well as those in the Commissioner’s office who may have been complicit in this misconduct — for example, in the purchase of stolen documents; or whether MLB filed information with the IRS that federal law requires for this type of a commercial transaction involving $125,000 in cash”

To which, MLB replied by bringing up the collectively bargained agreement on drug usage and subsequent suspensions, insisting the A-Rod had indeed taken performance enhancement drugs.

The chapters of this messy story keep on unfolding even just days removed from the World Series’ climax, the A-Rod train just keep chugging along without any conclusion in sight