Adidas Says They’re Still All In For Derrick Rose


Adidas may not turn Derrick Rose latest injury into a popular ad campaign, but the apparel Giant wants people to know that they are still all in for Rose.

Adidas America president Patrik Nilsson and Portland-based vice president of global basketball Lawrence Norman were sitting courtside and had an up-close view of Rose tearing his Meniscus, so you can’t blame them for cringing after watching their star lose another season.

They gave Rose a ten year $200 million contract, and according to the Daily Herald, have pledge their support to Rose and his rehab.

‘I can tell you that we’re focused on supporting Derrick through his recovery,’ Adidas spokeswoman Madeline Breskin said.

‘Our plans remain unchanged at this time and we will update business plans, as needed.’ […]

They really don’t have another marquee player in their stable, so Adidas has to be all in for Rose.