Adrian Peterson Misses Percy Harvin In Minnesota

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We all know that Peterson was hurt when his bromance with Harvin was interrupted in March when Harvin expressed his displeasure with the Vikings organization and was traded to Seattle. With the two playing against each other on Sunday, Im sure Peterson is at home waiting for the reunion.

ESPN caught some memorable quotes from Peterson expressing his want for Harvin in Minnesota.

“Obviously, we wanted him here,” Peterson said. “He felt some other type of way. He’s happy, he’s able to play the game he loves and we’re moving forward. This is a business. It happens.”

“If you’d told me when we drafted him [in 2009] that he would be playing for Seattle right now, I would have looked at you crazy,” Peterson said. “Like I’ve said before, he’s the best player I’ve ever played with. We have the same mindset. There’s not too many guys that play with that mindset to win — Brett Favre,Drew Brees, Ray Lewis — he has that type of mindset. … You never had to get on him about practice. He came out and practiced hard, pretty much like it was a game.”

Peterson might be the only one missing Harvin with the Vikings. Christian Ponder was asked also about his feelings on seeing Harvin on Sunday.

“I haven’t talked to him [since he was traded]. I’m sure I’ll talk to him on Sunday,” Ponder said. “Things, I thought, were fine between us. I remember him saying the same thing to the media when he addressed it. I don’t think there’s really much of a story there.”

Everyone knows about the criticism Harvin had for Ponder, which some people even believe helped his get traded in the first place. Its going to be interesting seeing them go against each other on Sunday, Harvin is going to come out trying to make a statement. I just hope Peterson can contain his excitement when he sees his old friend.