After Having 10 kids by 8 Women Antonio Cromartie Got a Vasectomy


Better late than never.

The good news is Cromartie seems to have his life in order after a very wild time during his first few years in the league.

He was broke, multiple baby mamas and just dealing with the stress being young and reckless. Now, he is happily married, fiancees in order and all his child support payments are up to date.  Don’t have to worry about any more kids either.

In the new book about the 2011 Jets, “Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football” written by Nicholas Dawidoff, Cromartie reveals that he received a vasectomy “late in the 2011 season.” The New York Post reported that detail in the new book.

This video will never go away though.