Alex Smith Disagreed With 49ers Benching 100 Percent

Alex Smith Didn't Agree With 49ers Benching.

Life is all about opportunity, don’t believe me?

Then just look at Alex Smith, who was benched after sustaining a concussion in week 10 against the Rams last year. You’re not suppose to lose your job due to injury, but that was the case here.

Colin Kaepernick took San Francisco by storm and led them to the Superbowl.

Alex Smith, the current starting quarterback of the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs disagreed with the 49ers decision to bench him.

“I disagreed with it, and I disagreed with it 100 percent,” said Smith, who was replaced by Colin Kaepernick.  ”I thought I should be playing. But it wasn’t my decision. I’ve been through enough, and I know that if you sit and dwell on things that are out of your control, you’re going to go crazy, and it’s not going to help you.

It’s good to see Smith officially put the 49ers situation to rest. I assume its easier to do so when you’re currently 9-0.