Amir Khan Says He Won’t Be Dictated To by Floyd Mayweather

Danny Garcia KO of Amir Khan

Amir Khan is going to take whatever terms is offered to him (if they are offered to him at all) by Mayweather’s team.

If they want Khan to hop into the ring on one leg, he would do for an opportunity to fight Mayweather. He doesn’t deserve the fight, so if I was him I would settle down a bit with the tough talk before they decide to go in another direction.

I will not be dictated to,” said Khan. “With me it will be 147lbs and that is it.

“I will be moving up a weight and I will not be killing myself to make it – has he ever fought anyone who has done that before?

“He is always fighting guys who are slow, but I think it is time he moves up a notch and takes on someone quick, exciting and as big as him.”

“He always fights people he can control, he cannot control me.

“I am one of the most exciting and fastest fighters in the world, so lets see how he copes against speed and power instead of just power.”

One thought on “Amir Khan Says He Won’t Be Dictated To by Floyd Mayweather

  • How many fights has Amir Khan lost? Three! How many fights has Mayweather lost? None! Somebody tell Khan to shut his trap! He doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as Mayweather. Why Khan is being considered Mayweather’s next opponent is beyond me!

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