Anderson Varejao On LeBron Returning To Cavs: “It Could Happen”


Anderson Varejao is an optimist, and you can’t fault him for that.

Who else but an optimist would really make the comment Varejao made on Tuesday.

With LeBron James and the Miami Heat set to make their season debut in Cleveland on Wednesday, Varejao was asked about the prospect of LeBron James returning to play for the Cavaliers.

“It could happen,” Cavs big man Anderson Varejao said Tuesday from the team’s practice facility.

What makes Varejao think James could return?

“Bron is from Akron; Akron is not too far from here,” Varejao said. “Eventually in his career, he probably wants to play at home.”

“I think the way he left was wrong, but regardless …,” Varejao said before interrupting himself. “He helped me a lot, helped my game and helped me as a person. I have nothing against him. It could happen.”