Andrew Bynum Knee Hurts Every Time He Runs or Jumps

Andrew Bynum Playing Through Pain In Knee.

I am not doctor, but this might be a slight problem if you are a basketball player.

Here is how Bynum describes his pain to Jodie Valade of The Plain Dealer.

 Any time Andrew Bynum runs up and down the court, he feels sharp pain in his knees.  It hurts most when he attempts to jump in any way or make any kind of explosive movement.

“I’ll just stick to the floor,” Bynum said Monday. “Ground game. Position defense and position offense on the ground.”

“It’s every time, so I’m playing through that,” Bynum said. “Whenever I try to do anything explosive, it’s pretty … it’s up there.”

Bynum is very tall, so as long as he can deal with the pain, he will have a place in the NBA.