Anna Benson to Dr. Phil on why Cops Didn’t Shoot her: “Because I’m a bad a** B***h” (Video)

Anna Benson Mugshot


And I believe her when she says that.

Anna Benson, wife of former Major League Baseball Kris Benson, appeared on Dr. Phil in a show that is set to be aired on Wednesday, to discuss what drove her to confront her husband with every weapon needed to take down a small army.

Somehow Mrs. Benson managed to escape jail time but received 15 years probation with a required three months of therapy according to a story via Yahoo! Sports.

Benson’s performance on Dr. Phil was interesting to say the least as she still appears to be an emotionally unstable individual as the following brief video and transcript will prove.

When asked about the gun she carried that day, Benson showed no regret: “It’s a great gun,” was her response.

Her thoughts as the incident was unfolding: ““I was actually laying on the bed, thinking we were going to have sex.”

On why cops didn’t shoot her at the scene: “Because I’m a bada** b****.”

“I know a lot about defense, I can handle a weapon, and if you want to take me out you better be on your damn game, perched up on a mountain with a really long rifle.”

Check a snippet of the interview here:


Hopefully Dr. Phil can help relieve this woman of her demons because it’s clear that she needs a lot of help or maybe a padded room with the complementary straight jacket.