Anonymous Redskins Sources Say RG3 Called Wrong Protection on INT


One thing that’s certain in today’s media driven world is that everything will eventually get exposed. RG3 is learning that the hard way this season and especially in the aftermath of the Redskins loss to the Eagles. After the loss, RG3 pointed fingers at the coaching in the game and his receivers for not getting open on the final play of the game.

According to Chick Hernandez at CSN Washington, team sources confirmed that RG3 was actually at fault on that final play for calling the wrong offensive protection in the first place.

This would be a good reason why he was under pressure and forced to throw off his back foot. Now RG3 is trying to make amends with his teammates for placing blame, and things don’t seem to be peachy in the Redskins locker room. One thing is certain is that RG3 will have to learn that speaking freely to the media may not be in his best interest.