Antonio Cromartie Denies Getting a Vasectomy


It came out in a recent book that after having 10 kids with 8 women, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie had a Vasectomy.

Most people that that was a good move on his part, but while on the Jay Mohr show he was asked about it directly and here was his answer.

“Nah, nah, nah. Definitely not. Nah,”

Cromartie was laughing while giving his answer and for good reason. Without getting into any specifics, he did have a Vasectomy, but probably just doesn’t want that info out to the public.

Cromartie goes on to talk about his distrust of the media (playing in New York will make you paranoid) and some other things in the interview.

It looks like his personal life is in order, he isn’t having a great year, but he is the best player the Jets have in their secondary.

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  • Wow. His personal life is in order.? His pecker needs to be in order. This guy is a walking sperm shooter. Cromartie, obviously never met a beaver he did not like.

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