Aqib Talib on Steve Smith’s Trash Talking: ‘It’s Never Personal’


If you were waiting for the drama between Steve Smith and Aqib Talib to keep unfolding the way it did between Smith and Rams CB Janoris Jenkins, then you may have to wait a  long time. According to CBS Sports, Talib has pretty much squashed any chance of there ever being any kind of real animosity between the two NFL stars.

After the Panthers beat the Patriots on Monday Night Football, Smith suggested that Talib should “ice up, son” and also claimed that engrave a spot on his bedpost to honor Talib. However, Talib responded more graciously and simply told the media that there wouldn’t be any back and forth between the two, at least not on his end.

“Never personal, man. It’s never personal. I’m sure if I see Steve, it’d be, ‘What’s up, how you doing?’ It’s never personal, man. Him and the other guy from St. Louis [cornerback Janoris Jenkins], that was personal. [Smith] didn’t say he was going to punch me in my face after the game. He just told me to go get in the tub.”

“I’m done with Steve for the year, man,” he said. “Great game, great competitor, man. I always enjoy going against Steve.”

Nice to see that some players can talk on-field banter for what it is.