Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada is 6 Months Pregnant


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I know your first question.

No, it isn’t Ochocinco’s baby.  It is probably Dodgers Carl Crawford’s baby, but that isn’t confirmed.  Lozada has been dating the Crawford for over a year now.  TMZ says only close family and friends know about the pregnancy and it was planned.

You can check out her baby bump below.

*EXCLUSIVE* Evelyn Lozada reveals her Baby Joy!

2 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada is 6 Months Pregnant

  • A fool and his money will always separate. Any athlete who screws around with Evelyn Lozada is a damn fool! If Carl Crawford catches a case over this Robin Givens type trick, I won’t feel sorry for him!

  • Damn..Evelyn worked her p*ssy magic on Crawford…what a dummy….guess she’ll be in “Baseball wives”…LOL…….

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