Bills CEO Called the NFL to Complain About Their “Unfair Schedule”

 Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills

Every year when the schedules come out people like to rate whether or not someone has a “easy” schedule but I don’t seem to recall anyone saying the Bills got a bad hand from the schedule makers. Well Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon thinks the Bills have an unfair schedule and he called the league to complain about it:

“We certainly have talked to the league about this, because it’s been disappointing where teams are coming off a bye or a long week,” Brandon told WGR radio in Buffalo on Wednesday. “This [Sunday] is the second time we’re playing the Jets coming off a Thursday night game and now we’re playing them coming off a bye.

We lead the league in amount of games coming off of extra time or a bye week. It is a very, very tough job what they have in scheduling with all the different things that go into the formula and the stadium commitments and TV schedules, but it’s certainly something that needs to be addressed.”

Who sits around figuring out if they lead the league in amount of games coming off a bye week or extra time? Maybe they should put more time and effort into scouting and coaching before wasting time worrying about your random schedule. Then maybe they wouldn’t have to be worried about their games being blacked out.