Bills Fan Who Fell From Upper Deck, Fired from Job & Banned From Stadium

Bills Fan Fall

If you want to look at this glass half full at least he isn’t dead.

Considering how he fell, he is very lucky to be alive.

The fan is now unemployed and banned from the stadium according to this report from Pro Football Talk.

According to, Rob Hopkins has been fired by advertising firm Eric Mower and Associates, two days after his obviously reckless attempt to slide down the railing.

“EMA is very concerned about Sunday’s incident at the Buffalo Bills’ game and we are relieved that the injured were released from the hospital,” the company said in a release.  “Rob Hopkins is no longer employed by EMA.”

“The irresponsible behavior that occurred at yesterday’s game by the fan who fell from the upper deck is a violation of our Fan Code of Conduct and cannot, and will not, be tolerated,” the Bills said in a statement.  “This individual will not be permitted back into Ralph Wilson Stadium.”