Brandon Carr Says The Cowboys Don’t Have Average Players

Brandon Carr

#38, #21, #42 and some others who I refuse to call by name are pretty below average, but I get what Carr is saying with these quotes to Cowboys Corner.

“It’s frustrating,” he said. “We don’t have average players on this team. We know we have some guys that can make plays. There are special players on this team, and we’re not showing the capabilities that we have out there as a whole. It’s frustrating. At the same time, man, it’s all a learning process.”

“There just comes a point where you just have to say, enough is enough, man,” he said after the Cowboys’ 49-17 loss to the Saints on Sunday night. “The players we have in this locker room, we all feel the same way. It’s going to take just the whole team, the belief that we are the players that we believe in our minds, and that’s got to translate on to the field.

“We got to make plays, man. We leave too many plays on the field. Woulda, coulda, shouldas and all those things.”

There is always a lot of talent on the Cowboys, but just like other years they are playelike an average team and their record reflects that.