Brandon Weeden: I Don’t Need 5-Year-Olds on Twitter Telling Me How to Play QB


I don’t think there are many 5-year-old kids on Twitter besides Terio (he claims to be 6), but Weeden is fed up.

“It’s pretty simple for me,” he said. “I don’t listen to outside noise. (I’ve) gotten rid of Twitter and all that junk. I don’t need 5-year-old kids telling me how to play the quarterback position, so it’s made it really easy. It hasn’t been an issue. I’ve got great support in this locker room.

“It’s the farthest thing from a distraction for me. I don’t get tied up in it. My main focus is getting better. I’ve only played 20 games in this league and I’ve got a long ways to go to continue to get better.”

I don’t think Weeden knows how Twitter works, this is the second time he claims he has deleted his Twitter account but it is still active and verified @bweeden3. I think what Weeden is trying to say is that he doesn’t go on Twitter anymore.

Either way, his time with the Browns is coming to the end.

One thought on “Brandon Weeden: I Don’t Need 5-Year-Olds on Twitter Telling Me How to Play QB

  • How funny is that? Weeden is a giant cry baby and an Idiot. I told him via twitter after his first preseason game in aug of 2012 he needs to improve and he copped an attitude. He has sucked in 20 games and he still thinks he has time to improve. Where is that going to take place? Who is going to be stupid enough to sign him besides Mike Holmgren who stuck it to the city of Cleveland because he knew his days were coming to an end. No One wants this Idiot on their team….

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