Broncos’ Rahim Moore Has Emergency Surgery to Stop Bleeding That Could Have Killed Him

rahim moore

Broncos safety Rahim Moore had emergency surgery Monday to stop the bleeding in his left leg from a condition called  lateral compartment syndrome which has cost people their leg or even caused death. Here are the scary details according the AP:

During the night, Moore called the team’s athletic trainer, Steve Antonopulos, because he was still experiencing pain and swelling, interim coach Jack Del Rio said. Antonopulos arranged for Moore to be examined by the team’s medical staff, which determined he needed what’s called a fasciotomy.

That’s where a surgeon cuts open the skin and fascia covering the affected compartment, which are groupings of muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

Compartment syndrome develops when swelling or bleeding occurs within a compartment, which the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says can be caused by athletic exertion or an impact injury.

That is a really serious situation and thankfully Moore called the trainer when he did. He is obviously out indefinitely but early indications are that he will be able to make a full recovery. There is no time frame for that though.

This really is a rare and bizarre injury. I’m hoping for the best for Moore.